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Refurbished Unlock Phone’s are the future!

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Just a quick blog post ( I know it has been a while!) but I have been really busy with the business but came across a cool way to save money for those of you that are interested. So I lost my iPhone recently in Vegas (shock horror!) and I needed to get a replacement asap but was a bit short on cash. My friend then told me about the refurbished iPhone’s that you can get online which as basically used iPhone’s that sell for much cheaper than a brand new one. So I checked it out and found out that I can get them unlocked from for €20.

So I went on over to and got a refurbished iPhone 5S and saved about €150 as against a new one…not bad especially considering how many phones I have lost over the years. Anyway just a small blog post for anyone who is in a similar situation. Let me know if this is of any use to any of my readers? Thanks.