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Get a Openbox V8S for your mobile home

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As it is almost peak time for the summer holidays we have a few tips on how to make your mobile home as much like your real home as possible without taking away the experience of staying in a mobile home of course! There are a few main things we often get asked about here at self catering homes including electricity, heat and also if there is an Aerial to catch some of the main TV stations. A lot of people go on a mobile home trip to get away from such things but in the summer months there is a lot of good sporting events such as the British Masters golf that a lot of campers would like to catch from the comfort of their mobile home.

openbox v8s campingMost mobile home sites will have an aerial and have a line going around the campsite for those who would like to get TV in their mobile homes. All you need then is a TV of course but you also need a freeview box which many people forget about. We shopped around for the best freesat box and found that Openbox V8S kept coming up when we asked about them as well as the Openbox V9S which is the same box only with built in WIFI. So we ended up getting a Openbox V8S as we do not have WIFI at our camp site and it works a charm. All we had to do was plug the cable into the back of the box and the channels were already loaded and ready to go.

We had a look around online for you guys to get the best deal and found this crowd here at seemed to offer a good price with next day delivery. So this is a good solution if you want to catch an event on whilst out camping! Thanks for reading.