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Best 4K Action Camera 2018

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As we have scarily just completed the first quarter of 2018 it is now entering the summer months where many people choose to treat themselves to a holiday in the sun. Being Irish means that we never really get amazing weather bar a few weeks of the year so a sun holiday is well needed for most Irish people. Some of the most popular spots for Irish people to go are in Europe for a quick 1 or 2 week holiday. Places like the south of Spain, France and Portugal top the list with more adventurous people heading further afield like the USA or even South East Asia. Usually it is the younger college crowd who head to explore more of the world and head to places like Thailand, Vietnam or even China where as most family’s tend to be happy a little closer to home and sit on the beach with a cocktail.

yi action camera

One thing everyone now has in common is that everyone takes a lot of pictures and videos on their holidays as they want to hold on to the good times of their holidays. Action cameras have become really popular in recent times as more and more people are making their own holiday videos and posting them on Facebook and Instagram. GoPro were the first big action camera company and are what really made action cameras a whole new industry so credit where credit is due to them but recently there is more competition in this field.

Companies like YI have released top end action cameras like the YI action camera that are as good as if not better than the GoPro range. 4K is the new trend and this has caused the release of a large 4K range by companies like YI. So for your holidays this year perhaps check out some of these cameras that are affordable and record your next holiday!