Walt Disney Bans the Selfie Stick

This has been coming for a while but Walt Disney have now announced that selfie sticks will be banned from their attractions due to safety concerns. The increasingly popular selfie sticks are used to take “selfies” via a bluetooth remote button. They are extendible monopods that allow the user to clip their phone onto the end of them in order to take selfies and other pictures. Although the rise in popularity has been extreme even though they are only a year old there have been bannings looming in popular stadiums and events. selfie sticks banned

The Walt disney bannings are understandable as there has been safety concerns with guests attempting to take their selfie sticks on to rides which poses threats to other guests. Guests caught with selfie sticks could face being kicked out of the event or possibly having their selfie stick ceased until they are exiting the event. Guests caught using selfie sticks on the rides themselves will be called out over the speakers and then ride itself will be stopped immediately.

While this might seem like over kill, this is for the benefit of everyone as a selfie stick falling from a ride could cause serious injury to by standers below. Disney have always prohibited taking items on board their rides so this policy comes as no surprise. To learn more about the selfie stick you can visit selfie stick store for a large range of selfie sticks.