Exploring The World of The Self Balance Board

Have you ever watched Back To The Future? Do you remember the amazing hoover board? Although the self balance board doesn’t necessary resemble that item perfectly, it is pretty dang close! The item utilizes a lithium ion battery and is capable of transporting you from one location to the next. Many are also customizable and you will be able to switch between a handful of different colors, including red and green. What specifications should you expect from this item? You will find out below.


self balancing boardsIt is vital to remember that each self-balancing board is unique and will provide you with different specifications. However, the majority of these devices will deliver at least 12 km/h of speeds. This might not be as quick as a traditional vehicle, but it is rapid enough to transport you between close proximities. It is also important to remember that the boards are safer!

Item Weight

The weight of the self balancing board could very well vary from one brand to the next. However, the majority of them will remain above 20 pounds. This makes them light enough to be carried around in a single hand. Also, you will be able to toss the item in your backpack and carry it around with ease.

How To Use

So, how do you use the item? Well, it isn’t overly difficult. You just need to press the power switch, which is located on the item. Then, you will want to place a single foot on the foot trigger, before carefully positioning your other foot on the other trigger. This will activate the device and get it rolling. From there, you will be able to take complete control over the self balance board and guide it wherever you desire!

Why you need an Android TV Box For your Mobile Home

Are you looking for a good way to enjoy television in your home, without spending excessively? How about switching to the one of the Android TV boxes? If you haven’t seen these devices yet, you’re definitely missing out and should begin educating yourself right away! With these boxes, you can watch live television, on demand content and even play games! What is needed? You will find out below!mobile home - android tv box

Television and Internet

First and foremost, you should know that it is impossible to use one of these boxes, without a compatible television. The box needs to hook up the television and will likely do so with an HDMI cord! Make sure that your television has the corresponding input port, which will allow this. Also, you will need a good Internet connection. In order to stream high quality video, you’ll need a high-speed connection. Honestly, the better and faster your Internet connection is the better the overall experience will be.

Consider a MicroSD Card

Since these boxes are capable of downloading and recording content and media files, you might want to consider upgrading with a MicroSD card. Although most Android TV boxes come with a small amount of disk space, one of these cards will increase your usable space significantly, which will allow you to store more television shows and movies!


Overall, it is a good idea to explore the features, benefits and functions of Android TV boxes. These devices can replace your expensive cable service, while providing you with a much cheaper alternative! Be sure to check them out today!

The MX Android TV Box

With a dual core 1.5GHz processor, the MX Android TV box is one of the most powerful media streamers that allow live streaming of movies, TV shows and sporting events live to your TV without any fees or subscription costs. It’s the essential for turning your TV into a smart TV on the go by downloading apps from the Google Play Store and accessing the right from the TV.

It features adequate connectivity ports yet its compact enough thanks to its subtle design and construction. An SD card slot of up to 32GB is availed in addition to the 4 USB ports all useful in extending the functionality of the MX Android box to a lot more capabilities beyond just media streaming. The MX Android TV box has access to thousands of apps ranging from games to web-browsers, office apps to file managers and a lot more. Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection boosts the MX Android TV box’s networking with other devices or online platform. The fact that the Wi-Fi antenna is built into the box makes the box nice and tidy for compactness as not a single part sticks out externally. Another exquisite feature is the factory rest button accessible using a toothpick as it is hidden in the AV plug.

With a customized XBMC pre-loaded on the MX, the Android TV box grants you access to favorite movies and TV shows in addition to over a hundred music stations. Music apps like Pandora, Google Play Music and Sound-Cloud all enhance music-listening using the MX Android TV box.

The MX Android TV box has several upper hands that include remote access option, in-house customized Android and XBMC software, 12-month warranty, on-going support, and immediate access to thousands of movies and there is no need for extra software addition. The few drawbacks that the MX Android TV box has include the remote. You have to select each letter in order to type and that makes it much slower than other touchscreen controllers available with other Android TV boxes. Additional devices have to be purchased to solve this issue; the wireless keyboards and mouse like the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard, for instance, makes the addresses or search typing a lot easier and faster when web-browsing.

The MX Android TV box is a highly recommended buy by virtue of its relatively cheap upfront cost along with hundreds of free add-ons that make this particular box a “must-have” in the new age of smart television.

Walt Disney Bans the Selfie Stick

This has been coming for a while but Walt Disney have now announced that selfie sticks will be banned from their attractions due to safety concerns. The increasingly popular selfie sticks are used to take “selfies” via a bluetooth remote button. They are extendible monopods that allow the user to clip their phone onto the end of them in order to take selfies and other pictures. Although the rise in popularity has been extreme even though they are only a year old there have been bannings looming in popular stadiums and events. selfie sticks banned

The Walt disney bannings are understandable as there has been safety concerns with guests attempting to take their selfie sticks on to rides which poses threats to other guests. Guests caught with selfie sticks could face being kicked out of the event or possibly having their selfie stick ceased until they are exiting the event. Guests caught using selfie sticks on the rides themselves will be called out over the speakers and then ride itself will be stopped immediately.

While this might seem like over kill, this is for the benefit of everyone as a selfie stick falling from a ride could cause serious injury to by standers below. Disney have always prohibited taking items on board their rides so this policy comes as no surprise. To learn more about the selfie stick you can visit selfie stick store for a large range of selfie sticks.