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The use of drones by courier companies

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drones for saleDrones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have a great potential for fast and effective deliveries in the near future. Many retailers like Walmart and Amazon have already started experimental ventures with these devices. If these companies succeed, the technology is going to open up new horizons in the delivery line and boost up the brand name. Drones can be used for very high-speed deliveries even in areas that are not easily accessible otherwise. These also come as a cheaper option as compared to other conventional delivery methods.

Drones can especially be used for lightweight deliveries, namely mail. Although drones may not seem fit for heavyweight deliveries under the current light, with upgrades to the existing technologies, this too can be very well possible. Drones can be very advantageous for the Courier companies mainly due to the following three reasons:

  1. Cost Management

If implemented systematically, drones can significantly reduce the delivery costs. In the very near future, we may see courier companies adopting fleets of drones rather than ground vehicles. The economic benefits will be passed on to the consumers too. Ground delivery requires delivery staff as well the vehicles. This type of delivery may also be difficult in areas with topographical barriers. Drones can be the ultimate solution. However, for this to be feasible, delivery drones will require some serious upgrades so that they can provide reliable service.

  1. Speed enhancement

The most important thing for courier companies is the speed of delivery as consumers always prefer high-speed deliveries. Apart from consumer satisfaction, it also helps the companies to manage their services. Therefore the successful adoption of drones could be the permanent solution. It would be magical to order something and have it delivered within just minutes. It would completely revolutionize the history of courier deliveries. With a proper assessment of the air traffic and proper flight control management, this vision can be potentially realized in very near future.

Why drones can be trusted?


Drones come with an inbuilt camera that can process and send images to the base. This would allow for the status check of the packages during every point of the delivery till it reaches its destination.


Drones can be operated to fly at high speeds. So, during emergency situations, they can be more reliable than ground deliveries. The parcels can be delivered under 30 minutes under normal weather conditions. Gizmodo have a good article on why drones aren’t ready to be used in the public yet by courier companies.

Refurbished Unlock Phone’s are the future!

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Just a quick blog post ( I know it has been a while!) but I have been really busy with the business but came across a cool way to save money for those of you that are interested. So I lost my iPhone recently in Vegas (shock horror!) and I needed to get a replacement asap but was a bit short on cash. My friend then told me about the refurbished iPhone’s that you can get online which as basically used iPhone’s that sell for much cheaper than a brand new one. So I checked it out and found out that I can get them unlocked from for €20.

So I went on over to and got a refurbished iPhone 5S and saved about €150 as against a new one…not bad especially considering how many phones I have lost over the years. Anyway just a small blog post for anyone who is in a similar situation. Let me know if this is of any use to any of my readers? Thanks.

Why you need an Android TV Box For your Mobile Home

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Are you looking for a good way to enjoy television in your home, without spending excessively? How about switching to the one of the Android TV boxes? If you haven’t seen these devices yet, you’re definitely missing out and should begin educating yourself right away! With these boxes, you can watch live television, on demand content and even play games! What is needed? You will find out below!mobile home - android tv box

Television and Internet

First and foremost, you should know that it is impossible to use one of these boxes, without a compatible television. The box needs to hook up the television and will likely do so with an HDMI cord! Make sure that your television has the corresponding input port, which will allow this. Also, you will need a good Internet connection. In order to stream high quality video, you’ll need a high-speed connection. Honestly, the better and faster your Internet connection is the better the overall experience will be.

Consider a MicroSD Card

Since these boxes are capable of downloading and recording content and media files, you might want to consider upgrading with a MicroSD card. Although most Android TV boxes come with a small amount of disk space, one of these cards will increase your usable space significantly, which will allow you to store more television shows and movies!


Overall, it is a good idea to explore the features, benefits and functions of Android TV boxes. These devices can replace your expensive cable service, while providing you with a much cheaper alternative! Be sure to check them out today!

The MX Android TV Box

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With a dual core 1.5GHz processor, the MX Android TV box is one of the most powerful media streamers that allow live streaming of movies, TV shows and sporting events live to your TV without any fees or subscription costs. It’s the essential for turning your TV into a smart TV on the go by downloading apps from the Google Play Store and accessing the right from the TV.

It features adequate connectivity ports yet its compact enough thanks to its subtle design and construction. An SD card slot of up to 32GB is availed in addition to the 4 USB ports all useful in extending the functionality of the MX Android box to a lot more capabilities beyond just media streaming. The MX Android TV box has access to thousands of apps ranging from games to web-browsers, office apps to file managers and a lot more. Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection boosts the MX Android TV box’s networking with other devices or online platform. The fact that the Wi-Fi antenna is built into the box makes the box nice and tidy for compactness as not a single part sticks out externally. Another exquisite feature is the factory rest button accessible using a toothpick as it is hidden in the AV plug.

With a customized XBMC pre-loaded on the MX, the Android TV box grants you access to favorite movies and TV shows in addition to over a hundred music stations. Music apps like Pandora, Google Play Music and Sound-Cloud all enhance music-listening using the MX Android TV box.

The MX Android TV box has several upper hands that include remote access option, in-house customized Android and XBMC software, 12-month warranty, on-going support, and immediate access to thousands of movies and there is no need for extra software addition. The few drawbacks that the MX Android TV box has include the remote. You have to select each letter in order to type and that makes it much slower than other touchscreen controllers available with other Android TV boxes. Additional devices have to be purchased to solve this issue; the wireless keyboards and mouse like the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard, for instance, makes the addresses or search typing a lot easier and faster when web-browsing.

The MX Android TV box is a highly recommended buy by virtue of its relatively cheap upfront cost along with hundreds of free add-ons that make this particular box a “must-have” in the new age of smart television.